Philly’s Democratic Mayor, Jim Kenney, made all kinds of headlines attacking a couple of guys marching in the Mummers Parade for wearing “blackface."

We reported on this Thursday night on Chasing News and I brought up a few points that are left out of most conversations about incidents like this in my Daily Point. First of all, putting black paint on your face does not make someone racist. Mocking someone using racial slurs while wearing face paint to appropriate another’s race is racist.

What happened at the Mummers parade is no more racist than the Canadian Prime Minister at an “Arabian Nights”-themed costume party. It’s no more racist than Robert Downey Jr. playing a role in Tropic Thunder wearing black face paint:

The mayor is grandstanding on this issue while ignoring the fact that the real plight of people of color is the disparity in job opportunities and income, and the high crime in neighborhoods where a majority of residents are minorities. Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to be victims of violent crime, even thought the economic and tax policies implemented by President Donald Trump have had a significant impact on helping empower minority communities in terms of prison reform and job creation. But black unemployment in many areas is much higher than white unemployment numbers.

Let’s say the blackface paint controversy ends with everyone agreeing to never put on black face paint again. What happens? Were jobs created? Were minority communities made safer? Of course not. It’s outrageous. Kenney is just another white liberal, culturally appropriating fake outrage in order to look like he’s doing something. Remember, the Philly mayor is the same guy who bent over backward to defend Islam even after the suspect who tried to murder a Philadelphia Police Officer stated that he was motivated by his allegiance to the Islamic state.

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A caller brought up the Wayans Brothers movie "White Chicks" on my New Jersey 101.5 morning show Frida. Iis getting laughs from a stereotype racist? Not necessarily. Maybe if these phony politicians like Kenney condemned consistently – and called out Gov. Ralph Northam in Virginia for what looked like a pretty racisit costume to me , we could have a conversation. But he won’t. This is about Kenney promoting himself to be relevant. He’s a hypocrite and a feckless leader who is trying to exploit a ridiculous incident for his own gain. Shame on him.

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