New Jersey is the home to many NY and Philly refugees or one reason or another. Thus giving us the overflow expertise both cities have pushed out and missed out on. New York always claims to have the best pizza but we know New Jersey does. Now there seems to be some dispute between NJ and Philly over who has the best cheesesteak.  As with most things in life people improve upon the original. Thus is the case with the cheesesteak.

I grew up in Philly and when I take out of towners to S. Philly, we gotta stop at Pat's for the original. The cheesesteaks are great, the condiments unique, the ambiance totally S. Philly. However, just across the river in Camden and right down the street from me in Medford is Donkey's. It's a slight twist on the original and purists will poo poo it, but it's better. That's right I said it...IT'S BETTER! Among the plethora of pizza shops and delis that make a cheesesteak, you can also find better as long as they use GOOD BREAD!

Here's where Philly went wrong. They got cocky and then they started to cater to the tourist crowd by offering WHIZ a couple of decades back. I grew up there and American cheese is what goes on a cheesesteak! You can try provolone, but cheese whiz?! NEVER, NOT, NOPE, WON'T, STOP IT, NO WAY, CAN'T, SHOULD NEVER....DON'T! I know many have gotten used to it this way but it's sacrilege. It should have never happen, but somebody in Philly thought it would be cute and that's the point where they started losing the cheesesteak war to New Jersey.

Meatheadz in Lawrence was recently touted as better than Philly. It's a big state, population wise, with a big appetite. Tell us your pick for the best cheesesteak in Jersey, email me here.

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