Yup. That's a real thing now. Thanks to Lawrenceville native JP Teti who started Liberty Cheesesteaks in London a couple years ago. He's branching out and incorporating a proper "dive bar" to serve beer with the famous Philly sandwich and should be open mid-February. For those of you familiar with the Philly Phavorite (yes I spelled it that way on purpose) the new place is called Passyunk Avenue.

The conversation on the show Thursday all started when a caller reached out to tell me she heard about a cheesesteak place in London and thought of me and my daughter, Elizabeth. After I got completely distracted from the show and started thinking about cheesesteak...even coming up with a Cheesesteak Day (yup, April 6th) we got a call from the London entrepreneurs mom, Gloria. Within a few minutes the guy himself called, JP joined us to explain why he went to London and how he got the business started. At one point in the conversation Gloria and I compared notes on missing our kids living abroad and we said at least there's "FaceTime". Gloria responded by saying it's not the same as a hug. Boom. New hashtag. I told her I was going to arrange a #RadioHug and then brought JP on the line.

Even better than bringing mom & son together on the air is the prospect of my next visit across the pond involving a cheesesteak. Elizabeth will be heading over to meet JP and introduce him to #CharlieTheButcher in the next couple days. Next Thanksgiving?

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