Dan Zarrow changed the official New Jersey 101.5 temperature grid to include more Shore towns as we head into the unofficial start of summer! One town came up on the grid that I honestly had never hear of...Holgate. I've lived and worked in New Jersey for most of my life. Until my wife Jodi and I settled in Princeton, I had lived in four other counties. Cape May, Camden, Gloucester and Warren counties were all home at some point. When I ran for U.S. Congress in 2004, I walked with my team to every one of 44 towns in the district. Looking back, it seems like that was about a million years ago! I've worked in Atlantic City, Morris Plains, Princeton, Ewing and Trenton. I really know the state like the back of my hand. But Holgate? Sorry, never heard of it.

Turns out that Holgate may be home to my new favorite cheesesteak. You know that I rate just about everything on the quality of the meal! Home to a place called Bowkers Deli, they boast the best cheesesteaks on LBI. Eileen, the owner, called the show on Thursday to talk about her story. Of course, I was mostly interested in the dining fare and, luckily, Jill Myra has a friend Lisa who has a house in Holgate and has offered to bring cheesesteaks for the morning crew to the studio on Wednesday after Memorial Day. I'm thinking of ordering one of each...yes, to share.

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