I really don't even believe the claim that PETA is interested in re-opening Wall's renowned Circus Drive-In as an animal torture museum. I think it's just a rumor started by people who like to be provocateurs. But what I do find interesting is that people would probably actually patronize this restaurant.

Not just people who like vegan food, but people who wouldn't mind politicizing an ordinary family meal by sitting amongst photos of animal carcasses while they bite into their tempeh kebabs. Interestingly, there would probably be no outcry about opening a restaurant like this since most of the country believes that this is a just cause and is worthy of such a such a grand statement.

I am not from the school of thought that believes that human life is equal to that of an animal's, and I've never liked any argument that uses one to prove the other. But in this case, I think it would be interesting to see how deeply ingrained people's' compassion really is and how far adults who are unable to control their emotions will really go to prove their point.

For instance, I'm wondering about the possibility of a bidding war between PETA and one of the various right to life organizations. What if the latter proposed an anti-abortion restaurant where photos of aborted fetuses are prominently displayed around the restaurant? And, in Hard Rock Café style, surgical surgically mutilated fetuses were encased in glass for everyone to gawk at? You know how passionate either of these teams are, whether it's animals or babies, the gorier the better to make their statement clear.

If the idea of having a politically oriented, socially conscious restaurant that "teaches children" something is going to become in-vogue, would it be so far fetched to see "Right To Life Café" serving up your latte sometime soon? Any private investor has the right to open up any kind of business he or she wants to, within legal boundaries of course. If a restaurant like this could really happen, then American "culture" is getting more shameful and embarrassing by the day.

But the bigger issue needs to be posed in the form of a question: Which one of these two proposed restaurants, "Right To Life Café" or the "PETA-ry", would really be allowed to exist? Though neither is likely to actually come to fruition, we all know there's only one that would stay open and possibly prosper without being protested to death.

Which proves to me that as much as we espouse freedom in this country--to think and feel and say what we like--we're all really only allowed to have one opinion. Amirite?

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