Apparently, some people think their pets are religious.

You probably think that a pet-friendly service this Saturday at a Rumson Church is adorable. A monthly pet-friendly service will takes place at St. George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church in Rumson. The services are held from September through May on the second Saturday of every month at 5 p.m. I think this is just plain old weird.

Look I’m not saying animal people are crazy (but a lot of them are) or that they don’t know the difference between their pets and actual people but (but a lot of them don't) or that they don’t understand when to leave their pets home (but a lot of them won’t). Some animal people are actually pretty normal. Like me!

But sometimes I think people take things a bit too far. Church, or any place of worship, is no place for a pet. Ever. OK maybe if you’re blind and you literally need a seeing eye dog. But otherwise, Church is for humans. It is for human beings to worship God, to partake in religious rituals and services.

Church is a place of serious reflection and prayer. Your dog or cat cannot participate in any of the aforementioned. It is possible, even likely, that your dog or cat will bother your fellow parishioners. Furthermore, your dog or cat does not have a religion. If you want your pets to be blessed by your clergyman, how about call him or her up and ask them to pay a home visit? The house of worship is a place of sanctity. Or is there such a thing anymore?

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