Increasingly, more and more people are putting something on their vehicles that conveys their point of view. In the Trump era it was Trump signs and bumper stickers and flags. And for the past decade or so each presidential election cycle brought out the usual bumper sticker showing their support for Bernie or Hillary or Obama as well. Now it seems to have moved to more social issues and/or causes.

It was a fairly quiet Sunday a couple of weeks back when I heard the truck next to me rev its engine. I swear it sounded like a jet taxing down the runway. His two huge exhaust pipes were pointing in a downward direction and it felt and sounded like the thing was going to take off straight up into the air. It was an elevated older white pick up truck. The driver turns to the right and slightly behind to stare at me with a grin ear to ear. He knew he got my attention and wanted to see my reaction. I stuck my cigar in my mouth and just pointed at him. He let out a big honk on his horn and pulled away in the opposite direction. I had to snap a quick picture of the slogan he had across the tailgate. If you zoom in closely you can read what it says. “I IDENTIFY AS A PRIUS“. Yeah, I did grin ear to ear too.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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