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Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit helping provide freshly prepared lasagnas to families struggling with food insecurity or other issues during the pandemic.

Rhiannon Menn, the founder of Lasagna Love, began the organization at the beginning of the pandemic in an effort to help moms in her local community. Since then, Lasagna Love has become an international movement, with people cooking and delivering meals to families in their community.

They are able to provide over 3,500 meals a week and they have over 20,000 volunteers. As stated on their website, "What we do is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities."

If you are in need of some help and would like to request a lasagna, you can do so HERE. You can request once a month for as long as needed. There is no judgment and no proof of need requested of recipients.

Kristen Lynne, of Basking Ridge, shared with me the impact receiving a lasagna from Lasagna Love.

"I was very grateful to receive a meal. Not only was it so good, the preparer put so much care into the whole meal. I was blown away by her kindness and effort, and her ‘heart’ was evident in the dinner she provided my family in a difficult time. To be honest, it brought tears to my eyes seeing that she even included cookies for my kids and note of kind words. It felt amazing to have someone care like that."


If you are looking to make an impact in your local community, there are several different ways you are able to get involved.

Become a Lasagna Chef for Lasagna Love

You will start by filling out a form in the Lasagna Love Volunteer Portal and within 10 minutes you will receive a confirmation video. Within the form you will let them know how often you would like to be matched to families, and how many families you would like to help each time, and how far you're willing to drive.

Sponsor a Lasagna Chef

If you don't have the time to become a Lasagna Chef, you can still help out by keeping current Lasagna Chefs going. They offer several levels of sponsorship with different price tags.

Collaborate with Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love has partnered with food banks, community centers, school districts and more. You can reach them at

Become a Corporate Sponsor

If you want to get your company involved and help create a positive impact in your community, reach out to Lasagna Love at

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