Is fried chicken racist?!?  C'mon.

Time to move into the modern era where sometimes great food is just that.  There is a racist movie about the forming of the KKK that some attribute the fried chicken stereotype to but given the success of fried chicken sales across the nation, it's hard to pin the food on one race or another.  And doesn't intent matter?

All I hear is that the kids in Pennington won't be able to enjoy fried chicken for lunch in February because someone is sensitive.  I'd bet there are districts around the state that would feel lucky if they could mix up the lunch menu to include the delicacy of fried chicken.

 Comedian David Chapelle even joked about it in his act once, saying that it's not racist to like fried chicken, even going as far as to say if you don't like fried chicken, there's something wrong with YOU!

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