PATERSON – First talks of the Nightlife Task Force, the force behind the crackdown on illegal after-hours places and nightclubs, date back to February. It wasn't until this spring that the task force took to the streets.

The police department said these late-night sites are “hotbeds for illegal alcohol sales, violent crime, drug and human trafficking, and gambling.”

In 2023, about 1 in 5 shootings were connected to these after-hours spots, according to PPD.

From March to June 20, Officer in Charge Isa M. Abbassi told News 12 New Jersey that officials completed more than 400 inspections, 300 criminal charges and 70 arrests.

The department’s Facebook page has an ongoing weekend report of the task force’s latest success stories. Last weekend they made 10 arrests, ended two locations, seized illegal narcotics and more.

“The people of this city deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods and enjoy a peaceful, quiet night without the worries of whatever may spill out of the illegal nightclubs that have plagued this city for far too long,” mentioned Abbassi.

Tips can be submitted here or the department’s non-emergency number is 973-321-1111.

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