I’ve always said that the responsibility of a parent is not to make his kid happy, it’s to make his kid good. And that if you do the job right, the goodness will in turn make a kid happy. at least that’s how I was raised. But we have forgotten all about that in this generation and kids are only being brought up to be happy.

Happy happy happy all the time. God forbid they should get disappointed, be made to feel bad, be made fun of, lose at something, suffer any injustice or indignity whatsoever. We act as if that’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a kid yet that is one of the important character builders of childhood. That’s why I think the people at Hanover Park High School in East Hanover are making a big mistake to allow anybody who wants to participate in cheerleading to do so.

This is a new policy they came into effect after a parent complained when his or her daughter didn’t make the team after trying out. Hence the new policy. When you say that nobody is allowed to lose the cheerleading tryouts, it’s just a symptom of the disease that we have created in this generation. Spoiled, entitled, unmotivated, and anxious kids who were never allowed to learn the hard way.

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