There's been a lot of reaction to the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in the UK. Included in the talk is concern we're not doing enough in providing security at these events. Some parents are even deciding the rite of passage for children seeing their first concert when they're pre-teens should be a thing of the past. No matter what security measures are added, they're tapping out of the whole idea.

Experts are speaking in terms of added levels of security, such as patdowns and metal detectors and second layers of security. Which curiously enough would have done nothing to stop the ISIS attack at the Manchester Arena. He waited until the show ended and people were exiting. He was outside the area where security would have been. We know the crush of heading to the exits when you didn't do the game of leave-one-song-early. You can't really walk. You can only shuffle.

Even Gov. Christie noted that, "The ability of law enforcement to deal with folks with backpacks or suitcases or those types of things going into an arena is one thing. If they stay outside the arena and wait as they did last night as the crowd was departing to cause the maximum amount of carnage, it becomes even more difficult."

Then I heard another security expert suggest we have yet another ring of security outside of these buildings, beyond the exits and entrances, that you'd have to pass through. Think about it. When enough of a crowd backs up at the security point, couldn't this suicide bomber have just blown himself up there?

We're looking for answers that may not be there. Tell us what you think?

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