Our capable and energetic morning show producer, Chris Swendeman is moving on.

He's got a terrific new role with the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office and I suspect we'll be seeing him in studio for a future #BlueFriday.

For now, it was a bittersweet goodbye as he's leaving behind the station that he's faithfully served for the past ten years. I've had the pleasure to work with him for the past 2 years as he helped guide our morning show to top ratings. He's gonna be missed for sure. It's a challenge to be at the studio before the rest of the world has even stirred from sleep. It's an even bigger challenge to be happy about it.

But Chris Swendeman was there, sometimes hours before the show started, making certain that everything was in order for a smooth four hour broadcast. AND, he was happy about it. It's one of the reasons that he was respected by his peers.

Beyond his professionalism was his friendship. Always there to support and help coworkers in need. Sometimes just to listen to concerns and help guide them through a rough patch. He also earned his good reputation among the managers. Although he didn't always agree with every decision that impacted him and our show, Chris is a true professional and always got the job done. There was a lot of emotion expressed by the staff this morning as Chris said his goodbyes to people that he's worked closely with for the past ten years.

We wish him well and know that he'll be back from time to time helping with some of the charitable events we do,like joining Andy Chase billboard challenge and will likely be a guest on a future #SpeakingMIllennial. For now, his last duty as the morning show producer is to make sure that this web post is up, spell checked and shared on social media. C'mon Chris!

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