Bill Spadea is obsessed with the fact that Dog the Bounty Hunter gives one last cigarette to the fugitives he catches (with some exceptions, of course, made for the truly evil).  Bill loves this because it shows humanity and mercy to people who are probably less evil than they are unlucky.  I suspect he also loves this because he, like Obama, secretly still longs to smoke (NOTE: this and a propensity for kite-surfing are the only two ways Spadea is like our former president).

I didn’t address it on the podcast, but the last cigarette thing bothered me a little bit.  Not because I don’t think it’s a nice bit of charity for someone who is about to face some hard times, but because I don’t smoke. Further, I was born with lungs of an asthmatic whoopie cushion, so it’s not like I could suddenly start smoking in a fit of “well I’m going to jail anyway” nihilistic whimsy.

So it got me thinking: what do people like me do in situations when a last cigarette is offered?  I’m not just talking after Dog the Bounty Hunter catches you, but also when facing firing squads, or waiting out a Zombie apocalypse?  The movies offer no help — the protagonist always just takes the last smoke.  I imagine myself giving it a try and then spending my last few minutes before the final meteor strikes in an embarrassing coughing fit.

This is an important question and I don’t see politicians giving it enough play on the national stage.  It’s time we asked Dog the Bounty Hunter, South American firing squad commanders, and desperate zombie fighters to carry with them an assortment of gum and lollipops so that we, the weak-lunged non-smokers have something to enjoy before going to meet our doom.

At the very least, think about it while you listen to the podcast!  And, hey, if you’re on the fence about listening to (or, especially, subscribing to the podcast!), this week’s episode has DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER ON IT!

I mean, come on, what more do you need?

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