Are you a hoarder? If so, maybe this story about my son will make you think differently about all the things you keep. Check it out below.


Twice a year in Roosevelt, we have the major trash pickup day when you could put out bigger items like furniture, carpeting appliances, and other miscellaneous items. Every year at this time in my house we argue over what should stay and what should go. I’m usually on the "go" side. My wife, however, likes to save everything, and she's passed that trait onto our son, Albert.

About three years ago, Albert--who was six at the time--went trash-picking with his friends around the neighborhood and came home with a toy truck tower: you put matchbox cars on top of the tower and they ride down to the bottom. He was so proud of his find that the toy stayed untouched and unused in the backyard for the last two years (or four big trash pickup days). The only time he even played with the tower was during the weekend of trash pickup to prove that it didn't belong in the trash!

Finally this year, I sat Albert down in my "Andy Griffith moment" and explained to him that letting it rot in the yard was depriving other kids who might want to play with it. I suggested that he put it out in front of the house until morning, and if no one took it, we would take the tower back for good.

Sure enough, about an hour later Albert looked through the window and saw a car pull up. A woman with a little boy got out and took the toy. Albert was so lit that he went and got more old toys to put outside!

Now if I could only get this story to work on his mother…