What do Peanut Butter, Bachelorette parties, Steve Trevelise and Jessica's dog have to do with each other? The next episode of Speaking Millennial, of course. It's a wild one for sure. I'm still wrapping my head around Jay Black's weird Peanut Butter eating habits and the fact that Jessica's dog, Gigi (who you may remember got into spilled beer a few months ago), is now on a farm in New York. Well, an apartment actually, and no this is not a euphemism, the dog is fine.

Enjoy the episode and remember to join us at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill for a special night of comedy helping raise money for an important charity, City of Angels NJ. We've got a killer line up on stage for ya! Get your tickets HERE.

Written by: Jay Black

Today’s episode focuses on a bunch of subjects: a conversation with Steve Trevelise about our upcoming comedy show on June 2nd at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill, NJ (live podcast at 7 PM, followed by a comedy show at 8PM all to benefit the City of Angels, NJ charity), a discussion of whether Jessica should have a male exotic dancer at her bachelorette party, the fate of Jessica’s dog, etc. etc.

But there was only one real controversy this week: whether or not it’s okay to “double dip” while eating peanut butter directly out of the jar. Bill and Jessica both believe that the only proper way to scarf down peanut butter is with a stack of spoons, each one being used for only one bite and then tossed into the sink.

I cannot tell you how vehemently I disagree with this. We’re not talking about guests coming over and eating your peanut butter, we’re talking about a family sharing each other’s germs. We do that anyway through hugging or kissing and, to be honest, I think it’s somehow less gross to share germs on spreadable nut paste than it is to do so by “mashing your food holes together” (to quote NBC’s “The Good Place”).

But, we want to know what you think! Comment below (or better yet, comment on our iTunes page!) to tell us where you stand on this, the most intense and important debate of our time: is it okay to double dip when eating peanut butter directly out of the jar?

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