Since I'm off after Christmas, we're recognizing #BlueFriday early. This week's honoree is being honored for jumping into action and saving a man's life.

We often talk about how the job of a Police Officer is really 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This week's honoree is another example of the fast acting heroism, which saved a man's life.

Howell Police Officer Jonathan Woolley exemplifies this commitment to duty and community. According to the Howell Township Police Department, he was technically 'off duty' when he saw a man at the gym clearly in trouble. The guy wasn't breathing, had no pulse and was turning purple, according to the Howell PD. Woolley, who has served with the Howell PD for the past 15 years, jumped into action and applied his training bringing the 85-year-old victim back to life.

Due to Officer Woolley's action, a family has one of their members back for the Christmas holiday. Thank you Officer Woolley and all the members of the Howell PD who are getting up every day looking out for the rest of us, whether they're on or off duty.

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