Recovery from Sandy continues at the shore and all across New Jersey, nearly 16 months after the storm. Meanwhile, frustration continues to mount in Ocean County as many communities wait with bated breath for federal relief funds.

Superstorm Sandy Recovery
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

In the days following the storm, many were promised a certain amount of reimbursements for laying out the money for debris cleanup, and other costs associated with getting back to a sense of normalcy. But residents are still waiting on a number of unknowns, a wait that could derail municipal budgets for this and upcoming years.

That has mayors and community leaders worried.

"It seems like a lot of empty promises," said Ocean Gate mayor Paul Kennedy, the new president of the Ocean County Mayors Association. "At first we were told one figure, and then we personally are still waiting for funds for debris removal."

The mayors are also critical over a series of Sandy recovery meetings this week in Atlantic, Essex and Monmouth Counties -- but not hard-hit Ocean.

"I will be attending, but how can they expect us to drive miles and miles away?" Kennedy said. "It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't hold the meetings locally, considering how bad Sandy was to this area."

Officials at the state Office of Emergency Management will be looking into the delay.

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