If the beach and boardwalk aren't providing you with enough to do in Ocean City, you will soon have birdwatching — or maybe even bird battling.

The alcohol-free New Jersey beach town is bringing in falcons to chase away those annoying seagulls that have gotten out of control.

Our own Dino Flammia reports:

To lessen the problem of gulls "who have become dependent on an unnatural supply of food stolen from people on the boardwalk and beach," Ocean City has contracted with a company that will deploy falcons, hawks and owls in the area on a daily basis from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

According to a statement from Mayor Jay Gillian on the Ocean City website, the hawks and owls will "move the gulls away from these areas without harming them.

Move them away without harming them? What are they going to do catch and release?  Ocean City is not the Obama border!

I'm figuring watching these birds chase each other could become a thing. In fact, I can even the sports betting apps getting involved. But if indeed it gets to that point and you do decide to make a bet, take the falcons.

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