LOWER ALLOWAYS CREEK — The first work and school day of 2024 is likely to cause some concern among folks in the area of Salem County.

It just so happens that Jan. 2 is the first Tuesday of the quarter, and that's when there's a full test scheduled of the siren system for the Salem and Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Systems.

The power plant is required to go through this routine testing. As part of it, dozens of sirens will be running full blast (if the test runs correctly) at 10:45 a.m. There are 35 sirens in New Jersey and 37 in Delaware, according to the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

Officials want you to know that there is no emergency at the plant. No actions by the public are required.

Folks in the area can also expect to hear the loud sirens on April 2, July 2, and Oct. 1. And silent tests are performed twice a month.

In the event of an actual emergency, the same sirens would be sounded in order to provide a warning signal to the public.

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