Do you have a drink? Would you like one? I can't tell you how many times I've bellied up to the bar at the Headliner, or The Osprey or Jenkinson's wishing I could think of a cool drink to order, (and by cool I don't mean temperature) only to end up asking for a seven and seven and getting laughed at for such an old fashioned drink. By the way- The Old Fashion has made a hipster comeback.

It is with that empathy, that I give you a list comprised both from tasty table and those who called in and posted on both my facebook and twitter when I did the topic one night of the coolest drinks to order.

The Old Fashion

This timeless drink made a comeback thanks to “Mad Men” Now you don't have to feel that way when you order one. What I like about them is eating the fruit afterwards.

Peach vodka and orange juice

This was phoned into my show and sounds really good. Sounds like a variation of the fuzzy naval which id orange juice and peach schnapps, we'll have to call this the “fuzzy something else.”

Bloody Mary

Nothing says brunch better than a nice bloody mary. It's the perfect transition from your night out to preparing you for the new day. Word of advice, you don't need the good vodka for this, I like the spicier the better.


Now you're in the big leagues. You can even order like James Bond “Shaken not stirred” although that's really not the way to make it. But if you're looking for 'Sex in the City” don't drink too many of these or you won't be having it.


Simply minty this drink is not only cool and easy, but it freshens your breath as well.


What could be simpler than vodka and orange juice?

Last but not least, my favorite drink....a free one! Salute!

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