The last time the New York Jets hired an Eagles head coach, it did not go so well. That was back in 1995 when Jets owner Leon Hess said according to the New York Times "I'm 80 years old and I want results now." Hess didn't exactly get the results he wanted as his team finished 4-28 over the next two seasons before Kotite stepped down two days before the end of the 1996 season. That was then, this is now.

The New York Jets are looking for a head coach and Eagles head coach Doug Pederson is looking for a job, according to Tom Pelissero. Pederson should look no further than up the New Jersey Turnpike. I can see the t-shirts now, "Doug Pederson and the New York Jets, Perfect Together."

Why? Let me explain.

First off, in the last four years, Pederson has coached his team to a Super Bowl championship and two playoff appearances. That's more than any other coaching candidate has done. Secondly, he won that Super Bowl with Jets general manager Joe Douglas as the Eagles vice president of player personnel. They've worked well enough together to win a Super Bowl and a playoff game the following year.

With the Jets, Pederson could do it without having to deal with Eagles Executive Vice President Howie Roseman, whose job is like a supreme court appointment as in it seems like he can never be fired. Since Douglas left the Eagles, Pederson has given his coach players that would be tantamount to Eagles feathers asking him to make Eagles salad (I know how far I went for that). But think about how much Doug had to play and win with backups and guys signed off the street.

With the Jets, it would be Joe Douglas buying the groceries along with the number two pick and lots of cap money. Could it be just like old times for the two? Who do you think the Jets could interview that would be a better choice?

Doug Pederson is a player's coach. He's not afraid to take risks, as in going for it on fourth down or running the "Philly Special" in the Super Bowl at the suggestion of his backup quarterback Nick Foles. Foles, who not only won the game, but was the Super Bowl MVP too.

With the Giants on the rise, the Jets need someone to keep up. How about the guy that tanked Big Blue out of the playoffs? That could make for some great "Snoopy Bowl" games.

There was even talk of the Eagles possibly trading their coach. So much for that idea. Pederson to the Jets just seems to make perfect sense. Based on that, it will probably never happen.

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