Do you remember when I told you about a shocking note I found posted at a Jersey Shore restaurant?

Here's a refresher and we need it because businesses have been and still are struggling big time.

I saw this posted in the bathroom at The Crabs Claw Inn in Lavallette.


Kind of crazy, right?

Restaurants are so helpless that they are not able to give the standard of service they are used to.

You think Crabs Claw is alone? Far from it.

I've seen these types of notes and messages everywhere.

If you are looking for perfect service, this is not the time for you to be going out.

Well things are reaching a new level because enjoying your meal on clean and shiny dinner plate is now another luxury.

My friend sent me a photo of this note they found on the table at the Crab's Claw Inn when they sat down.


That's right: This Lavallette restaurant, which is extremely well-known, is so short-staffed that they can't even use regular plates, dishes and bowls.

They can't find a dishwasher and they clearly don't have enough staff to help fill in the gaps so the food was served using plastic plates and bowls.

Did it affect the taste of the food? No. They more than enjoyed their meal but part of going out is enjoying the aesthetics and restaurant owners know that.

I can't imagine being stuck in a position like this as a business owner.

Their hands are tied. They can't force people to want to work. They just have to deal with the cards they have been dealt.

And on that note, if you know someone who would wash The Crab's Claw Inn's dishes for $15.00/hour, let them know because this Lavallette restaurant is still actively looking for more help.

And if a Jersey Shore staple like the Crab's Claw Inn is struggling this bad, imagine how the smaller, lesser known businesses are holding up.

Be kind, be patient and have empathy when you go out to any restaurant, or any business for that matter.

These are not normal times so normal expectations need to go out the window.

Good luck everyone.

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