Seriously, I've been shooting since I was a kid. And I never had the patience nor the time to become a proper golfer. So for me, business strategy is discussed at the firing lanes and not on the links. My dad taught me how to shoot at 12 years old with a .357 Colt Magnum. It's a weapon that is no longer made...six inch barrel and blue coating.

This past weekend, I was invited to appear at the Union Hill Gun Club in Monroe. It's a brand new firing range in central New Jersey. Beth and Paul are the owners and they have created an awesome place for law abiding gun owners and law enforcement members to shoot in a comfortable, professional and safe environment. One of the best features is that members have finger print access to the firing lanes 24 hours a day. I also met Ira who owns the gun shop located on the premises. He let me try out his vintage, World War II rifle, the M-1 Garand. And as you can see from the video it's easy to be accurate with a quality firearm. I also fired his 6 inch .357 magnum and a 9mm.

Looking forward to heading back to the range soon. See you there!

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