I had an IT manager I worked with in my past career who used to say we have an "I-D-Ten-T" problem to describe computer users who needed help. I'll give you a minute...ID-10-T...IDIOT.

I know you probably got it right away, but when I first heard it I wrote it down. Anyway, back to the point I was starting to make. We have an ID-10-T problem on social media. It's out of control. Over the weekend I saw the latest fake outrage from the crazy left, the thumbs up emoji is racist.

The accusation is that white supremacists are now using 👍in order to show their support for some sort of 'white race' domination. Oh boy. Remember when they tried to kill the 'OK' symbol? This is even worse.

What's happening is everything and anything that can be taken out-of-context is being pushed in order to promote the false narrative that racists are somehow behind all the pro-American politicians. It's illogical, inaccurate and dangerous if people start believing the lies.

I wrote about the attempt to destroy the 'OK' symbol a while ago. Yes it's OK to say 'OK'. Seems the crazy Left is frustrated losing the OK narrative so they're back. This is not to say that some lunatics who profess to be white supremacists aren't using the symbol in an attempt to co-opt it, but don't be bullied by insanity on social media to take the thumbs up symbol out of your title.

This is the kind of bullying tactics that has people retreating in fear for being called out as the next bigot or racist unfit to express an opinion. Don't let them win. Common sense will prevail. We just need to stick together and let everyone know things will be OK. Yes, I'm that confident 👍

Photo: Bill Spadea

Here's the strange disembodied thumbs up selfie I took this morning to point out the ridiculousness of attacking the hand signal emoji as racist. Just stop already. It's OK to use thumbs up.

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