I guess I was the perfect demographic for it: The 25 to 35-year-old woman who wanted to look hot for a date, sexy for a night out with the girls, or just a plain feel like a supermodel without spending a ton of cash. Nobody but nobody could do this without Bebe.

Bebe is reportedly planning to close all of its U.S. stores, which includes nine New Jersey locations, to focus on online retail. Anyone, any woman who ever walked into a Bebe store knew that she was in a glam girl paradise. In fact before Forever 21, there was Bebe.

It's the kind of store that could make you feel like you could strut a runway for 60 bucks. I still have things in my closet that I purchased 10 years ago from Bebe that are glamorous enough to pull off (even though I am a tad older than I was back then). It was a haven for women who wanted that special outfit and I'm talking feathers or sequins or fur or leather– – Something that could really wow you but you wouldn't feel guilty about discarding at the end of the season.

Their outlet stores were even better! They were filled with that type of clothing for even cheaper. Yes, sometimes you had to pour through a lot of junk and there were plenty of hooker-esque outfits that would make you say "No way. that's way too slutty!"

But if you choose carefully, when you found the perfect outfit at Bebe, it was like a religious experience. With the rapid growth of Primark, Forever 21 and H&M, I can see how Bebe would eventually meet its demise. But none of those stores have the character and the sass that Bebe did.

So, they'll be around in the online iteration, but it's nothing like walking into the sea of color, sparkle, and glamour that was the brick and mortar Bebe experience. It's like the end of an era for Gen X, Gen Y and baby boomer fashionistas.

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