New Jersey state PBA president Pat Colligan joined me in studio this morning to discuss a hot topic that has law enforcement jumping through hoops to try to mitigate dangers to the public.

The bail reform that was voted on a few years ago was implemented on January 1st.  According to law enforcement officials, the new algorithm available to judges to determine the risks of offender is woefully inadequate.  Hundreds of perpetrators are being released to the general public prompting one police chief in particular to release a social media statement warning the public.

The chief went so far as to send officers door to door to warn neighbors of the potential threat of the released sex offender.  Pat made sense as he spoke up for the victims of crime who are often ignored as the proponents of bail reform tend to show criminals in the same light as victims.

Two calls stuck out through the am conversation, one was from an activist representing drug offender who challenged the facts presented by the police union chief.  The other was from a bail bondsman who is seeing hi business disappear as most offenders are able to just walk out before trial.  Clearly there are many sides to the issue, but who is left in this state to stand up for commonsense and keep bad people behind bars?  We need more people to stay behind bars and longer jail terms.  You know how I feel, #BuildMorePrisons.

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