Because we are the only state that has as much boardwalk as we do, we are the only state that has as much classic boardwalk food as we do. Can you imagine summer without some of your old time favorites? And some of your new ones? We asked our listeners to fill in the blank... “It’s not a day at the boardwalk without eating __________.”

Here are the top 11 responses:

11. Funnel cake

It’s old fashioned but it’ll never go out of style this crunchy yet fluffy powdery mouthful of joy is what summer is all about!


10. Zeppoles

Nothing like walking the boards with the white greased stained bag of this fried dough delicacy. That’s a sure sign that summer is here.

9. Waffle ice cream sandwich

Sure you can stuff it any flavor ice cream inside to Belgian waffles but the real classic has only Neapolitan ice cream. You know that perfectly stacked concoction of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate? Is that memory lane or what?

8. Fried Oreos

As Friends’ Chandler Bing might say, “Can you BE more decadent?” Although a relatively new addition to the list (born in the '90s), this delicious take on everyone’s favorite cookie is poised to be I’m a classic.

7. Gyros

Whether made with lamb or beef, this amazing sandwich featuring spit-fired meat and tzatziki sauce on pita bread is one of the few ethnic foods that make it to the list.

Homemade Meat Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce, tomatos and French Fries

6. Kohr’s Frozen Custard

You notice there only two foods in this list that we specify by brand, but in this case we must. Since 1923, they’ve been calling this stuff frozen custard but we generally know it as soft serve ice cream par excellence! There are tons of soft serve options out there but none have ever matched Kohr’s original.

5. Boardwalk fries

You can keep your shoestrings, your steak-cut, and your waffle fries. Everyone knows that a genuine Boardwalk french fry is of medium width, not too skinny, not too fat, very long and—most importantly—has the skin still attached. Anything less is second-best. Oh and by the way, it’s just about the only thing you’ll ever put malt vinegar on, but it’s a must!

4. Corn Dogs

Eating anything on a stick is generally taboo unless you’re on the boardwalk, in which case it’s highly recommended!! That’s why a classic corn dog fits the bill perfectly. Walk around with it and enjoy, but eat it quickly before the seagulls steal it right out of your hot little hand.

Organic CornDog on a stick with ketchup and mustard

3. Manco & Manco Pizza

The other food that we have to be brand loyal to, it’s just not summer without M&M.
Who knows what company or family infighting went on to result in the name change from MACK and Manco. But as long as it tastes as great as it does, who really cares? (Psst...We suspect that the secret zinginess you taste is the addition of a mild white cheddar cheese. But we could be wrong. We sometimes are.)

2. Salt Water Taffy

Fralingers? Shrivers? We could debate this forever but it doesn’t really matter... as long as you make sure and pick up an assortment of salt water taffy when you’re in the boards. It’s the quintessential boardwalk treat. Let them try to make it in other states... the Jersey Taffy imitators always pale by comparison.

1. Caramel Corn

The only time it’s correct to pronounce "caramel" as ”KAR-mull” is when referring to apples or popcorn coated with it. Make no mistake, though, caramel corn by any other name would taste just as sweet... and something about it’s proximity to the sun and sand makes it taste even sweeter!

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