He's had a well-publicized so-called bromance with State Sen. President Steve Sweeney, but Gov. Chris Christie's relationship with Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver has been rocky.

Assemblyman Vinnie Prieto
Assemblyman Vinnie Prieto (Photo courtesy of NJ Assembly Democrats via

Christie famously called Oliver "a liar" during a State House press conference. In January, Assemblyman Vinnie Prieto will replace Oliver and he's hoping to forge a good relationship with Christie.

"As the budget chairman I've had some relationship with him (Christie)," said Prieto. "In my new role, that will be expanded, I see a relationship where we have to put our differences aside and we do have to work together."

New Jersey politicians can come together unlike those in Washington explained Prieto. He said great legislation doesn't really work because some people love it and some people hate it, but everyone can live with good legislation.

"We've got to get somewhere in the middle ground to make sure we do the right thing for the residents of the State of New Jersey," said Prieto. "I'm looking forward to having some dialogue with him and we will go from there."

The Governor and Sweeney meet on a very regular basis. Prieto isn't sure how often he will be getting together with Christie.

"We have to be respected as an equal branch of government," explained Prieto. "No matter where it goes it has to be something that works for the residents of the State of New Jersey. It could be difficult. It could be easier. You get things accomplished both ways. We'll try to feel that out as it goes along."