LAWRENCE —  The identity of the ticket holder of the winning $533 million Mega Millions ticket sold in Morris County will be revealed Friday.

Nearly two weeks after the winning numbers were drawn, the New Jersey Lottery said the ticket holder will go public at a press conference on Friday morning. The ticket was sold at the Riverdale Lukoil South in Riverdale, which picked up a $30,000 bonus check for being one of the lottery's latest "lucky retailer."

Lottery spokeswoman MaryAnn Rivell was tight lipped about offering a hint about the winner. "No. I can't. Acting Executive Director John White has kept it very close to his vest," Rivell told New Jersey 101.5.

Owner Ameer Krass told the Daily Record that after he reviewed security video with the lottery, he knows it was one of the store's regular customers who won.

Toms River financial planner Lou Scatigna of AFM Investments said it was wise for the winner to not come forward right away.

"When someone wins that kind of money once, they're known to the public, all kinds of stuff starts happening to you. People want money, charities, lost family members. You have to be trained to deal with the publicity and how your life is going to change in ways you don't anticipate," Scatigna said.

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