It's been a year since I competed against several world champion eaters at the Trenton Thunder ball bark! It all started on a dare from Trenton Thunder general manager Jeff Hurley. Jessica Nutt and I were touring minor league parks in Jersey to sample local food and to throw out some first pitches.

After our visit to the Trenton Thunder, Jeff asked Jessica whether she thought I would be willing to join the upcoming Pork Roll Eating Contest. Although the pitch was another story ...for Pork Roll I was in!  The challenge was whether I could eat six sandwiches in ten minutes.

Among the competitors was Jersey guy and eating champion, Carmen Cincotti. He joined me on air today to talk about the competition that I'm not in this Saturday back at the Trenton Thunder ballpark. We talked about the jumping up and down technique and how to properly eat corn on the cob...competitively that is. The guys weighs only 150 pounds!  It's all in his technique. He's a great competitor and a nice guy.  We wish you well Carmen! Looking forward to having him back on the show before the next competition in Jersey.  As for me...

It's been a year since I attempted to challenge the best of the best in competitive eating. Even though I exceeded expectations eating more more than 6...6.5 to be exact, it came at a high price. I really just can't eat pork roll any longer.

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