Would you like fries with that? Apparently that answer for a lot of New Jerseyans is yes.

Chen Ping-hung/ThinkStock

Last night in celebration of “National French Fry Day” I asked where the best french fries are in New Jersey.  Personally I like mine deep fried with some salt but disco fries which include cheese and chicken gravy turned out to be quite popular.

Here is what we came up with. If we left any out please let us know:

HOT DOG JOHNNY'S in Buttzville - A very popular choice among the callers for the hot dogs as well.

NINO'S PIZZERIA - in Hamilton

CHICKIE AND PETES- Home of the crab fries

FIVE GUYS - Not only are their burgers great with all those topping choices, but the fries are incredible!

WHITE ROSE - Highland Park
SMASHBURGER - I personally like their sweet potato fries

Special thanks to those who called in to give their picks including Teresa from Brick, Chuck from Andover, Ryan from Bordentown, Ricky from Hackettstown, Dave from Hamilton, Lori from Clinton, John from Matawan, Marybeth from  S. Plainfield, T.J. from Tabernacle, Don from Piscataway, Patrick from Matawan and Austin from Freehold.