🔺 Murphy administration warns schools about trans policies

🔺 NJ AG recently filed suit against two school districts

🔺 Students and parents encouraged to report violators

Gov. Phil Murphy's administration is issuing a warning to schools districts about the state's LGBTQ anti-discrimination policy and encouraging students and parents to report violators.

In a joint statement, Attorney General Matt Platkin and acting Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillen warned schools not to violate state standards on inclusive curriculum and to comply with state policy protecting LGBTQ students.

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"In New Jersey, the law is clear," the statement reads, "The (New Jersey Law Against Discrimination) LAD prohibits schools from adopting policies or practices that discriminate against students or staff based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or other protected characteristics, whether or not motivated by discriminatory intent. The LAD also prohibits policies or practices that create a hostile environment based on any protected characteristic."

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The warning comes after Platkin filed suit against the Manalapan-Englishtown and Marlboro School Districts for adopting policies that would require parents be notified of their child changes gender identity in school.

"Despite the LAD’s anti-discrimination principles," Platkin and Allen-McMillen warn, "Some school boards and legislators have recently introduced proposals in New Jersey and across the country to restrict classroom discussions and staff training about race, racism, gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation."

New Jersey policy specifically prohibits initiating parental notification. That has angered many parents, and the lawsuits are viewed as a showdown over parental rights.

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Despite the controversy, the joint statement did not directly address that aspect of the policy.

While strongly encouraging school districts not to adopt polices against the LAD, the Murphy administration is also encouraging students, parents and others to report schools that are not in compliance.

"DCR and DOE encourage students, caretakers, community members, staff, and school board members to report evidence of discrimination, bias-based harassment, or retaliation to DCR immediately," the statement reads.

"To alert DCR to a district that has or is considering a discriminatory policy, please email us at schooldiscrimination@njcivilrights.gov. To find out more or to file a complaint, please go to NJCivilRights.gov or call 1.833.NJDCR4U. DCR enforces the LAD, which protects all people from discrimination in New Jersey."

To read more about what the state's guidance says - and does not say - click HERE.

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