Just in time for the new year, Garden State legislators are advancing a proposed law that would make it easier for you to quit the gym.

Under a bill that was approved by both houses of the Legislature and now waits for action by Gov. Phil Murphy, folks who sign up for a health club membership online must be given an online option to also begin the termination process.

The link to do so on the club's website must be in a "prominent location," according to the bill.

"It should not be that complicated ... to be able to cancel your automatic renewal subscription online prior to that date where you have to pay into it," said Sen. Gordon Johnson, D-Bergen. "I believe this is a consumer protection bill."

The proposal is in response to a growing pool of complaints from consumers about burdensome cancellation processes.

Speaking in opposition to the bill, Mike Goscinski, vice president of government affairs for the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, suggested that such a move would force some clubs to make "costly administrative and technological changes."

"Smaller fitness facilities with limited resources would find it more challenging to implement these changes, and this could potentially create an uneven playing field," Goscinski told the Senate Commerce Committee.

There's also a push on the federal level to simplify cancellation of recurring subscriptions and memberships. The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a "click to cancel" rule that makes it as easy to cancel enrollment as it is to sign up.

The New Jersey bill was unanimously approved in both the Senate and Assembly on Dec. 21.

New Jersey's bill also gives gym customers more options for cancellation within a few days of receiving their initial contract, and in certain circumstances such as when a customer moves far away or is dealing with a disability.

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