Across parts of South Jersey fliers kept popping up about a $50 prize you could win for doing your best Chewbacca voice. It had a number to call where you could leave your impression on voicemail.

The reality?

There was no $50 and the phone number wasn’t some company or talent scout. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, it belonged to an unsuspecting friend of prank mastermind Noel Hecht. Noel is a freshman at Haddon Township High School.

He’s not only a genius at pranks, he’s smart about human nature. He made sure to pick a friend with a personality that could take a joke and not internalize it as bullying or harassment. Smart young man!

That friend was Seamus Taulane and it worked like a charm. As the Inquirer reports, he ended up with an estimated 150 voicemails filled with inexplicable Chewy growls and roars. What I wouldn’t give to see a video of Taulane’s perplexed reactions when these started rolling in.

Hecht told the Philadelphia Inquirer the prank received far more calls than he imagined. 500 calls and 150 of them leaving messages. “People are very determined when it comes to free money,” he said.

He expected only 100 calls at best. What a Wookiee mistake.

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