There were more than 260 public school districts in New Jersey offering free, full-day preschool programs as of fall 2023 — not quite half of the state's than 590 operating public school districts.

Of those programs, 26 districts were recently awarded a total of $25 million in state funding for universal preschool and would have programs launched by January 2024.

To be eligible for pre-k funding, districts must first offer full-day kindergarten.

Districts in each county have received funds to add programs — from at least three in Mercer County to more than two dozen in Camden County.

These NJ school districts have full day pre-K

More New Jersey school districts than ever have begun to offer preschool programs. The following communities have free, full-day pre-K, thanks in part to state funding.

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This year marked the first time any school district was able to apply for state preschool-expansion funding.

Last year, the application process was available only to districts with 10% or more of student enrollment from low-income families.

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Full-day school for students younger than 5 has not been made a state requirement — with the only exception being required full-day K programs at the former Abbott school districts.

Of existing full-day preschool programs, 195 have been funded under Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration.

NJ school districts with the highest median teacher salaries

These were the highest median teacher salaries during the 2022-23 school year budget, according to data compiled by the New Jersey Department of Education. We begin with districts whose median salaries are at least $95,000 and work our way up to the highest median salary.

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