It was caught on a dash cam video and the driver followed the bus to ID the vehicle and report the incident. The bus driver was identified and was fired.

I remember it kinda bothered me that the guy snitched on the bus driver. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but we all make mistakes and being responsible for someone being fired seems s----y to me.

Nobody was hurt. There was no crash, but some busy body with a camera held this guy's' fate in his sweaty, squirrelly little hands, and he pulled the trigger.

I'm sure I'm going to be judged to be in the wrong here, but I couldn't do it. Maybe it's my South Philly upbringing or trying to pay the bills all my adult life in here in New Jersey.

Yesterday I had the chance to snitch on a school bus driver that wasn't following the rules. Nothing as dangerous as the September incident, but very annoying.

Most of us hate it when idiots clog up the left lane on a three lane highway, especially when it's a vehicle that is prohibited from using that lane, like a school bus.

I got the frustrating incident on video. The second video which identifies the bus, I deleted. Much as I'd like to "show HIM!"

I couldn't do it.

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