I didn't expect to be this fired up today but as the morning progressed and I took more calls, I got really upset over the proposed concessions NJ Republicans have been discussing lately.

I think there are only about three Republicans right now who are standing up for their constituents. They would be Senators Jennifer Beck, who has come up with her own plan to help replenish the Transportation Trust Fund,  Kip Bateman who is fighting for transparency with affordable housing and Mike Doherty, who has railed against NJ taxpayers footing the bill for the American Dream Project.  Otherwise, how do you explain someone like Sussex County's Steve Oroho, who has essentially given up and has all but conceded that we as NJ residents would accept a 20 cents gas tax hike. It's absolutely outrageous.

if the Turnpike Authority really wanted to help fix the Transportation Trust Fund, they would. They don't want to fix or change things on their end, they just want you to pay more. Don't believe them when they say that the majority of the people who will be paying for this will be out-of-staters. It won't be out-of-towners paying it will be you and me.

Watch my full rant in the video above.

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