🚨 Patrick J. Pespas is part of an HBO mini-series

🚨 The show's director revealed news of his disappearance

🚨 Police are concerned about Peapas' well-being

EASTON, Pa. — A New Jersey man featured on HBO’s “Telemarketers” mini-series has not been seen since Friday, according to the show's director and police.

Patrick J. Pespas was last seen in Easton, Pennsylvania, causing his wife Sue to be worried, filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough wrote on his X account.

Lough also created an Instagram account to try and locate Pespas.

Patrick J. Pespas
Patrick J. Pespas (Easton, PA police) (@partickjpespas via Instagram)

Police are worried

Easton police on Monday morning issued a statement that they are concerned about Pespas' well-being.

He may be driving a 2002 white Mustang with New Jersey license play N74KUB.

His last known sighting

One lead received by Lough about Pespas possibly being at a bar called Knuckleheads near Pittsburgh appears to have panned out.

"The Pittsburgh lead was confirmed with both a patron and the bartender. He left around 10 p.m. last night and could be somewhere in Pittsburgh still. Please keep an eye out for Pat Pespas. Thanks everyone for your help," Lough wrote.

Patrick J. Pespas and wife Sue
Patrick J. Pespas and wife Sue (@partickjpespas via Instagram)

Past drug addiction

Pespas' wife told the New York Post that he as struggled with heroin addiction in his past but quit during the show. He uses methadone to help with his former addiction.

HBO show focused on NJ company

"Telemarketers" is a three-part mini-series about Pespas and co-worker Sam Lipman-Stern who worked at New Jersey telemarketer Civic Development Group. The company was ordered by the Federal Trade Commission in 2010 to pay an $18.8 million fine when they were misleading consumers that they were donating directly to charities purported to benefit police, firefighters and veterans.

The FTC found that only a "small slice" of the donations was going to charity. Pespas and Lipman-Stern recorded video in the early 2000s of their work and turned the footage over to Lough who is Lipman-Stern's cousin by marriage. The friends continued their work on the show looking into the dark side of the telemarketing business.

Lipman-Stern told NJ.com that Pespas had lived in Phillipsburg, across the Delaware River from Easton, and also in Plainfield and North Plainfield.

Patrick J. Pespas
Patrick J. Pespas (@partickjpespas via Instagram)

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