🔴 Patrick J. Pespas went missing at the end of September

🔴 The producer of his show "Telemarketers" led an online awareness campaign

🔴 Easton, Pennsylvania police were also involved in searching for Pespas

A New Jersey reality star has been safely located a month after he went missing.

Patrick J. Pespas of HBO’s “Telemarketers” series was found safe after nearly a month, according to the show’s producer, Adam Bhala Lough, who has led a social media effort to find him.

"Thank you to everyone who has shared messages of support, donated and prayed for Pat's safe return. One day I hope to tell the whole story but for now Pat asks that everyone respects his and Sue's privacy," Lough wrote on his X account.

Patrick J. Pespas
Patrick J. Pespas (@partickjpespas via Instagram)

Where was he found?

Lough did not disclose where Pespas was found.

On Oct. 14 Lough said Prespas was spotted in Union Square in Manhattan.  Pespas, who is originally from New Brunswick, was last seen at the end of September at his Easton, Pennsylvania home.

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