🍎 Principal charged with official misconduct

🍎 Mishandled reported child abuse, prosecutors say

🍎 She has many roles in local politics

ATLANTIC CITY — A high school principal is charged with official misconduct for betraying a vulnerable student's trust, according to authorities.

Constance Days-Chapman, the principal at Atlantic City High School, was charged on Thursday with second-degree official misconduct, third-degree hindering, fourth-degree obstruction, and a disorderly persons offense for failure to report child abuse.

New Jersey 101.5 has reached out to the school district for comment on whether Days-Chapman has been placed on leave from her position that pays $135,930 a year, according to state records.

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Atlantic City High School facts (Google Maps/Canva)
Atlantic City High School facts (Google Maps/Canva)

Mishandled reported child abuse, prosecutors say

According to the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, Days-Chapman failed to contact the Division of Child Protection and Permanency after a student reported being abused at home.

The juvenile student told a staff member at the school on Jan. 22 that they had been emotionally and physically abused by their parents. The student also said they had previously told Days-Chapman about the abuse, prosecutors said.

Later that day, the staff member spoke with Days-Chapman about the reported abuse. The principal denied that she had ever spoken to the student about the abuse, according to officials.

At the end of the conversation, Days-Chapman said to the staff member that she would report the abuse to DCP&P.

However, Days-Chapman went that night to the student's house instead of going to the authorities, prosecutors said.

She spoke with the parents and told them that the student had reported being abused, according to authorities.

Authorities said DCP&P confirmed they never received a report from the principal or any other staff member. New Jersey state law requires that school staff must notify child welfare authorities of any suspected child abuse.

Many roles in local politics

Along with her position as principal at Atlantic City High School, Days-Chapman has been involved in local politics for years.

She formerly served as vice president of the Atlantic City school board and has been involved with several local groups including the NAACP Atlantic City Branch.

Days-Chapman was also the municipal chair of the Atlantic City Democratic Committee and was campaign manager for Mayor Marty Small's 2021 re-election campaign.

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