Marcello ends up opening his first pizzeria in Bordentown at age 20 — Marcello’s — which blossomed into a full restaurant. He then opened Marcello’s II in Hammonton.

In recent years, he’s divested, and gone back to what he knows best: pizza. Made at his oh-so-21st-century venue named on George Dye Road in Hamilton, it’s take-out only.

Mandreucci, so loved the original pizza he ate as a little boy, that he goes back to Sicily to find him and get the recipe. The pizza maker remembers him and give it to him on the condition that he doesn't use it until after he died.

Marcello agrees and after the pizza man's passing, he trademarks the recipe and now sells Corleone pizza only on special days, in fact Marcello later called in himself to promise free Corleone pizza to everyone if the United States beats Germany Thursday in the World Cup!

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