MORRIS TOWNSHIP — A massive teen party with underage drinkers from five high schools was shut down by cops as the at-home property owner said he didn't know it was going on.

Police responded on Friday, Feb. 23, to a report of the party and found about 80 teenagers there.  Some kids ran away before being caught, police said, while 69 partygoers rounded up were juveniles. Two more were 18 years old.

Cesar Quispe, an adult who owns the residence on Pembroke Place, was home at the time and said he was "unaware of the party," according to police.

The single-family home sits on a half-acre of property and has about 2,390 square feet of floor space, according to real estate listing website Trulia.

Quispe was later charged with a disorderly person’s offense of making property available for underage consumption of alcohol.

There were no injuries or medical emergencies at the scene, police said.

The teens in attendance were students of Morristown High School, Bernardsville High School, Morristown Beard School, Seton Hall Preparatory School and Shepard Preparatory School, cops said.

Police did not disclose whether Quispe was related to any of the teens involved.

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