There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe, and those who do not believe.

I am in the latter group. But, when it comes to ghosts, if you believe in them, there is one place you absolutely have to go that is considered to be the most haunted hotel in New Jersey.

The lore of the Macomber Hotel in Cape May is almost never-ending. A really fun, deep Google search will show you so many amazing stories of hauntings at what is arguably the most haunted hotel in New Jersey.

One of the most interesting accounts about the ghosts of the Hotel Macomber is written by Craig McManus, who writes about the ghosts of Cape MayIf you are a person who is interested in paranormal theory, he is the guy to read.

It stands to reason that Cape May, New Jersey would have a history that would attract ghosts. Don’t all places with enduring history and stories attract those types? Cape May, having the history that it does, obviously is a place that would rake in the ghosts, if there are such things. So McManus talks about some of his interesting run-ins with ghosts throughout his stay at his favorite haunted hotel in Cape May, the Macomber, and some of the paranormal activities he observed.

The Union Park Restaurant, which is a dining room at the hotel, is also supposedly haunted because of somebody choking on a chicken bone in the dining room. This is not a fun vacation!

McManus hangs at the favorite hotel and in the favorite room of the woman who haunts the Macomber. Her name is supposedly Irene Wright. If you stay in room 10, as he does, you will definitely feel her presence there. The best part about McManus’ stories about the Macomber are his tape recordings in which he attempted to contact some of the ghosts through some of the paranormal activity that he experienced there.

He asks questions and seems to get actual answers on the tape recorders.

Listen for yourself here. Are the ghosts talking back to him?

McManus felt things like chandeliers flickering, extremely cold rooms, vibrations and other things that seemed to indicate that the Macomber actually had paranormal presences there. But I think it’s up to you to find out for yourself.

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