It's no surprise that New Jerseyans can't wait to get out of New Jersey. With such a high cost of living, most of us are tired of watching our money fly out of our pockets.

It also doesn't help that taxes seem to go up every year, pushing many to their breaking point. So it's no shock that one of the primary reasons people leave the state is over the cost of living.

It may be surprising, but two of the top three states those in New Jersey move to aren't actually that far away. Perhaps that's because we have family here that we want to stay semi-close to.

So where is New Jersey moving to, and who's moving here? Let's break it all down state-by-state and see where everyone's trying to escape to. And just to note, only two other states in the country actually consider New Jersey as part of their top three locations to move to.

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Stacker analyzed the Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey data to determine the three most popular destinations for people moving out of each state.
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Robert Daly

Of course, Florida is one of the top locations New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are moving to. It's the common thread that apparently exists within our region of the top three locations we want to move to.

What's even more interesting is the other top locations. In all three states, we just seem to want to move across each other's borders. PA wants to move to NJ or NY, NY is moving to PA or NJ, and NJ is moving to PA or NY. And all three states want to move to Florida

And yet, those in Florida don't seem to want anything to do with our region.

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