United Van lines released the numbers from a study detailing how many people move from the states they live in.

It’s not going to be a surprise that the number one most moved-out of-state was New Jersey. 67% of New Jersey moves were out of the state. According to respondents, the most common reasons for leaving the state were the usual things like moving for a job, trying to be closer to family, or lifestyle changes.

Although the study does not detail exactly why New Jerseyans are moving out in such great numbers, you only have to live here to know why: It’s just become too difficult and too expensive to live here.

  1. Property taxes - Call a friend in another state and find out what he pays in property taxes per year and it’ll make you realize that you’re getting ripped off. People simply cannot afford to buy homes here because of the property taxes.
  2. Pension system - We just keep on promising public employees more and more stuff even though we don’t have the money to fulfill those obligations. And who loses out? Anyone who tries to run a small business or anyone who works in the private sector.
  3. Regulation - Leave a NJ state legislator alone for 10 minutes and he’ll come up with another law. New Jersey is rife with unnecessary, redundant laws, many of them designed to take your money. Try to start a small business here in New Jersey and you will quickly find that most of your revenue goes directly to the state in the form of licenses, taxes and fees
  4. Corruption - There is no state in the country that allows for as much legal corruption as New Jersey does. Period. Patronage jobs, double dipping, no-show paychecks, it’s a cornucopia of deception and lies.
  5. Tolls - New Jersey tollbooths were supposed to collect money to support building the roads. Now New Jersey tollbooths collect money to support tollbooths.

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