I don’t mean to speak for everyone. When I say New Jersey iPhone users are sick to death of software updates I should clarify that I mean just every single one I know.

When I recently saw the headline "Update your iPhone to iOS 17.1.2 right now, Apple says," I had the sort of reaction one might when they see on social media a nasty ex has burned yet another. I got angry.

In this case, Apple made a software update to the operating system in early November. Now users were being warned to do another to fix security problems that came about from the first update.


It’s bad enough their products seem bred for obsolescence. Ever have your phone with just two models behind suddenly have mysterious and crippling problems that convince you there’s a suicide chip embedded?

Well, it’s true. It’s gone to court. Software updates intended to kill battery life and push you into purchasing a newer model were admitted to. 

Intentional obsolescence and security flaws are enough reasons to be suspicious of software updates. But how often is the reward side of that risk-reward ratio lame?

My phone works just fine. Do I need a software update just so dialing a number looks different?


What’s the point? How did this benefit me?

Or there’s this gem.

Before my software update if I wanted to send a gif there used to be a simple bar here that I would click once.


Now I have to click here first.


Which brings up this.


Then I need to scroll to this and click where the arrow is.


How was this added step to my benefit? I would say…


Or you get more stupid new and improved poop emojis.

Or you get some other dumb vapid feature not asked for and only 13-year-olds should care anything about it.

How many times have you held off on installing a new software update because you wanted your friends to do it first as guinea pigs to see how it messed up their phones, and you waited for the second or even third update for Apple to fix what they wrought? And why? So we can now text in a slightly different font or some other useless crap?

Yet here we are, beholden to a brand that plays us. For the first time, I’m thinking about an Android.

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