Six Flags has just opened every day for the summer season and you know this weekend is going to be crowded for Memorial Day Weekend.

It's all about the memories we share from the Jersey Shore and this commercial will take you right back.

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Remember the song, the Great Adventure song in this commercial stuck to so many and they couldn't get rid of it.

If you ask anyone that grew up here in New Jersey, it's not Six Flags it's Great Adventure. When we write a blog about Six Flags or something going on at the "giant" amusement park in Ocean County, we always get responses that it's Great Adventure and always will be.

Several rides I'll always remember but are no longer there. Do you remember the bobsled? I loved it. It was called Sarajevo Bobsled, I wish it was still there.

My favorite was always Mr. Six. Creepy or not, I loved the excitement around Six Flags and those commercials. When you'd visit the park, Mr. Six was always there for a picture and of course that cool Six Flags bus.

I mentioned creepy because either you loved this little dancing guy or you were creeped out by him. I absolutely loved him and thought it was the best commercial / commercials ever made from Six Flags. It was so catchy, it brought excitement and smiles. And most importantly it reminded families to have fun together.

There are so many cool roller coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure, from the tallest in the world, Kingda Ka to the runaway train. It's always a great day when we head to Six Flags Great Adventure.

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