By now you’ve heard the story: on Monday, the Gloucester County SWAT Team responded to reports that a man with a gun had taken two women hostage inside the UPS facility on Birch Creek Road in Logan Township. I can’t even imagine the terror of those inside when they first realized that there was a gunman in their midst and that he was taking hostages. But when authorities arrived, including the Gloucester County SWAT team, dozens of employees were evacuated.

When the gunman, William Owens, 39, of Sicklerville, did not willingly surrender, the cops had to do what the cops had to do: responding police officers blocked roads and sent nearby businesses and schools into lockdown as the standoff continued. The tactical team, negotiated with the perp, just the way you see it in the movies, talking to him on the phone and finally apparently convincing him to walk out with hostages in tow. And then they shot to kill.

Many law enforcement agencies joined Logan Township police at the scene. The FBI confirmed that it was also assisting the local guys. Thank God it is not often that we have situations like this in New Jersey so it’s also not often that we can report great successes like this. But kudos to Gloucester County and the way they responded. Those cops, along with the other law enforcement and first responders operated like a well oiled machine, as they are trained to do. No innocent people hurt—the bad guy killed. Protect and serve, indeed.

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