Coming on the heels of word that a new Mark Hamill movie will be shot in Southern New Jersey is news that a mini-series for the new Apple TV+ streaming service is using a locally famous house for filming.

According to, the Van Liew-Suydam house in Franklin is being used as a stand-in for a Maine farm house in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Lisey’s Story, starring Juliane Moore. The house itself is maintained by the Meadows Foundation in Somerset.

The property was originally settled by Peter Van Liew in the 1700s with the main part of the house coming after Joseph Suydam bought it in the 1800s. The house is described as “a fine example of Victorian-Italianate agricultural dwellings common to the Eastern seaboard in the mid 19th century.”

According to, the mini-series, which, along with Moore, stars Clive Owen tells the tale of “a widow who becomes the object of a dangerous stalker, obsessed with her husband's work.” Her husband was a novelist. King has said that the novel was based on his recuperation after getting out of the hospital and that it is his favorite book. No release date for the mini-series has been announced.

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